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Arduino Starter Kit WiFi Extreme Bundle (iPhone/iPad Control)

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What is the Arduino Starter Kit WiFi Extreme Bundle?

This kit is based on the Arduino platform that allows you to control remote I/O using devices such as iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad (*) connected to a WiFi network.

The heart of the kit consists in the famous Arduino microcontroller connected to a Sparkfun WiFly Shield. The Arduino board integrates various I/O and analog inputs that can be connected to several electronic devices such as LED, Trimmers, Displays, Servos, Buttons, Actuators, Relays, etc..

You can freely download the iDK App for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch(*) that provides a comprehensive control panel to remotely manage all the features of the Kit.

The Kit can also be used to wireless control the Axemblo Robots and Rovers using the Robot Controller App.

If you have a good knowledge of objC and C/C++ programming you can also develop the iOS app and the Arduino firmware by yourself! ;)


Who can use the Kit?

The Kit can be used by Robotics Enthusiasts, Hobbyists, Students, Programmers and Electronics Engineers. 


What is included in the Kit?

The Kit includes the following hardware:

    • Arduino, the very famous microcontroller programmable in C/C++
    • Sparkfun WiFly Shield
    • 6 Leds
    • Trimmer
    • Serial Display 16x2
    • Servomotor
    • Button
    • Various Resistors
    • Bread Board
    • Wires
    • Frames for mounting on Axemblo Ecosystem
    • iDK Sketch Software Tutorials and Manual


Do you need just the firmware?

If you already have an Arduino and an Arduino Ethernet Shield or Sparkfun WiFly Shield and just want to have the Arduino firmware you can evaluate the iDK Sketch Software and Tutorials product that, for al very low price, provides just the firmware and tutorials to create the Kit by yourself.


Domotics Example

Here's an example of DIY Domotics (DIY Home Automation) with our Kit, just one of many possible applications:


(*) iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch are not included!

iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch are Trademarks of Apple Inc

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