Build your Robot with Axemblo!

The Open Source Construction System

Axemblo is the new construction system for educational DIY Robotics.
Axemblo system is based on Aluminum, a lightweight, ultra-resistant and recyclable material. With Axemblo you can create fantastic Robots, Rovers, mechanical arms and supports for Electronics Boards.

The only limit will be your imagination!


Axemblo Features

  • -Smart project design: very few pieces to build everything!
  • -Easily hackable and expandable with DIY components
  • -Open Source!
  • -Supports for electronic boards, servomotors, electric engines, sensors and wheels
  • -Development Kits for Mechanics, Rovers, Hexapods, Humanoid Robots and Arms
  • -Arduino based electronics
  • -Smartphone support: iPhone and Android
  • -And, last but not least, a Stunning Cutting-Edge design!

Lunar Warrior and Mars Explorer

Axemblo gives life to your electronics

Are you a genius of electronics but you need the mechanics to give life to your ideas?
Axemblo Robotics Development Kit are the perfect complement for your electronics!
Connect your Electronics to the Axemblo chassis system and unleash your genius!

How to use Axemblo

The Lunar Rover Development Kits

The Lunar Rover is a Robotics Development platform very durable and affordable. It is possible to choose the 2WD or the 4WD version and the electronics is optional. The Development Kit includes the Aluminum Chassis, the engines and the Off Road Wheels. There is also a Sumo Warrior version with a frontal shield that allows fights with other Rovers. Read more

Lunar Rover

The Mars Explorer Development Kits

The Mars Explorer is a stunning Robotics Development platform with a smart suspension system that allows the Rover to easily climb obstacles. It is possible to choose the 4WD or the 6WD version with optional electronics. Read more

Mars Explorer

The Development Kits for Arduino - The Brain of the Robots

Use these kits to make the brains of Robots!
There are two versions of the kit, both useful and fun to start programming with Arduino.
The most advanced version is called Arduino Starter Kit WiFi Extreme and includes the Arduino, a breadboard, a LCD display, a WiFi shield, a servomotor, various electronic components and a very versatile Axemblo chassis to hold the Electronics Boards!
The Kit can be controlled remotely by iPhone/iPad and is useful in many areas such as DIY home automation, as a datalogger or WiFi Robot brain. Read more

Arduino Kits

Software and Apps

Remote Control your creations with Axemblo Apps for iPhone and iPad (Android version by third parties)
Our applications allow you to remotely control the Arduino I/O and guide the robot through the accelerometer. Read more


Open Source

Axemblo is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License to enable students and researchers to expand the chassis without any restrictions. This means that the community will contribuite to expand the ecosystem!


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